Our Core Values

Innovation – We tirelessly create revolutionary medicines by developing safe and highly-effective targeted small-molecule drugs with completely independent intellectual property rights.

▪ Integrity – We are open, honest, trustworthy and fair in conducting our R&D for company’s sustained and steady growth.

Commitment to Excellence – With efficiency and dedication, we consistently pursue the perfectionism to develop our unique and innovative R&D and management capabilities.

Collaboration & Teamwork – Our dual country presence allows for an expedited flow of information and technology, affording us not only local resources, but a global influence as well. Internally, each department is expected to operate in coordinated effort, maintaining open lines of communication so as to increase probability of positive outcomes.

Constant Improvement – In the fast-growing field of pharmaceutical industry, we continue to inspire each Fochoner to forge ahead, be bold and innovative to relentlessly advance our pipelines with the state-of-art technologies in a stimulating work environment.